Sunday, 24 February 2013

Miniature shopping

Today my mum and I took a trip to a dollshouse and miniatures fair in Maidstone. Organised by Wendy's World, the venue was new and we had high hopes of picking up some goodies.

Sadly when we arrived it was a lot smaller than we'd hoped with just nine exhibitors. Fortunately Shepherd Miniatures, one of our favourite sellers, was there and we spent a long time hovering over their beautifully crafted items.

Just a small section of Shepherd Miniatures' stand

Note the blue bowls and tweezers which are there for buyers to select their items easily without knocking the entire display over. When you hand over your bowl to the exhibitor and they start totting up the cost of the tiny items you've selected, it can be a bit of shock. A sweet bag is exchanged for crisp £20 notes but it's worth it.

One of the things I really enjoy about this hobby is how friendly everyone is. I suppose it's the same with football or book clubs (the first two hobbies that came to mind) but when everyone has a common love, it's easy to chat with strangers and share our enthusiasm for life in miniature.

Can you spot the Thermos flask? My mum snapped one up for her seaside cafe.

My mum and I both own a lot of Shepherd's items but we still managed to find new things to buy. I was very pleased to find a lead and food for my recently purchased dog. He'll be going in my pub, along with a few other items I bought today.

Beer bottles, pumps, a dog lead and food all bought today for my pub.

My mum found a few pieces for her seaside cafe and fish stall so considering there were so few stands, we did well.

Shepherd Miniatures' stall in its entirety

Our next exhibition may well be the Kensington Dollshouse Festival in May which is always full of incredible craftsmanship. Time to start saving for our next trip out!


  1. Has your mum seen the fish stall in Tunbridge Wells museum? I seem to remember that it features real (dried) crabs and real tiny winkle shells.

    1. No! I didn't know there was one. I must have missed it when I was there recently. Is it near the house?

  2. Those are very cool. So much to look through.

  3. I couldn't locate the flask.

    Pretty neat though.