Monday, 11 February 2013

"Is that your house?"

I love this question. I have the picture below as my wallpaper on my computer at work. When people visit the office and get a glimpse, they'll often ask "Is that your house?".

The library - my favourite room in my 1:12 scale Tudor dollshouse

Of course, the answer is "yes". It is my house - it's just not full size and not the one I live in. When you look closely, there are things that give it away (that plant doesn't look too well) but I think it could easily pass as full size if you don't linger too long.

My favourite corner of my favourite room

I think the desk and its surroundings are my favourite part of the whole house. I love finding new things to buy - the half peeled fruit are fairly recent additions and add a little life to the house.

The map on the wall is one the many things I've bought from Shepherd Miniatures, a shop I would highly recommend. Nothing beats seeing miniatures in person but if you want or need to buy online, their site is one of the best.

As I've got older, I've replaced some of the things in the house with better quality items. That said, the desk and chair pictured here are original, bought with pocket money and earnings from my Saturday job.  

This isn't a cheap hobby, by any stretch of the imagination, but being a collector means just that. You don't go out and buy everything at once - where would be the fun in that? I'm still finding lovely things to fill my house 20 years after my dad built it. 


  1. Oh my gosh, I love that picture. It really looks like a room I would want to write in.


    PS: Love the fruit.

    1. I basically make it look like a house I would want to live in. I imagine myself sat in the chair reading with the decanter next to's a total fantasy world!

    2. I would love to live in that room. If I were building it, I would do the same, just make it the total dream.