Thursday, 13 October 2016

Mixing Lego and collectable miniatures

I'm very lucky because I like my job - a bit of a rarity these days. Sometimes, I absolutely love my job. Recently I was able to get a bit creative and came up with something for the company website I'm rather proud of.

I work for PR agency Maxim and am always trying to think of new ways to get different messages across. Photographs are really important when trying to gain media coverage but some of the images we're sent for issuing to the media are truly terrible.

Obviously we can't share these pictures so I decided to recreate some of the issues we have to help explain to people how to take a good photo for the media. And that's where my love of miniatures came in...

My first job was to beg, borrow and steal until I had a team of Lego figures ready to help out.

Lego people - ASSEMBLE! 

I turned our dining room into a makeshift photo studio using an old cardboard box, my mum brought some of her miniatures round and I raided my own collection.

It was like a Blue Peter challenge
A behind-the-scenes shot - amazing what you can do with a box (and a very expensive 1:12 scale plant)

The scene above eventually turned into the shot below - the lesson being you always need to keep an eye on what's going on in the background of your photo.

Watch the background

My mum has a seaside stall where she sells deckchairs so obviously I had to use them. This photo is actually based on one we created on Brighton beach some years ago.

Ice cream, anyone?

You might recognise the props below from my nursery but again, this photo is based on one we created in real life. An oversized prop can go a long way!

Lego + miniatures = smiles

It's also really important to remove anything from a photo that might date it, assuming you'll want to use it again at some point. I remembered I sell poppies in my shop so it seemed only right to use them.

Don't worry - I didn't cut the stalks - that's down to Photoshop
 To see the full article (and lots more pictures) take a look here


  1. Cool shots; looks like that was a lot of fun! (Y'know, for work...)