Monday, 29 April 2013

Pubdate: The Rachel's Return is complete!

I shall try not to make this post too gushy but I can't explain how much I LOVE my pub. My dad has done an absolutely fantastic job with the decoration and I couldn't be more pleased with it.

I've realised it's rather hard to photograph a box room that has two mirrors on the back wall but I've done my best. So here goes...

The beautiful exterior - I'm especially fond of the windows

Apologies for the fact that these photos aren't particularly sharp but I wanted to show you a couple of pictures of the pub as it really is so I haven't used the flash. It's a little dark and dingy inside, just as you would expect an old man's pub to be.

Peering through the double doors

With the flash on, you can start to pick out some of the detail in the pub - even the dust on the bar...

Anyone for a pint?

Photographing the whole room is a challenge but I think it's important to show the pub in its entirety. I had a lot of fun unpacking all the bits and pieces I've bought over the years and deciding where they should go.

It might be a small pub but it has everything you could want

I think I need to find a way to put some scores on the dart board - just not quite sure where to find chalk that thin.

One day I hope to buy a dog from Designer Dog Miniatures or similar but they are very pricey and there's always a waiting list. I bought this little chap to see what he would look like and actually I've become rather fond of him. The lead and bowl are from Shepherd Miniatures (I couldn't have him wandering all over the bar).


I think the bar area is almost complete but you might notice a couple of empty shelves that need filling. This is good news as I don't really want this little project to be over.

Pickled egg? Pork pie? It's all on sale at The Rachel's Return

I wasn't sure if I would have enough glassware but it turns out I've collected just the right amount for the shelf. I'm particularly fond of the decanter and soda syphon from Glasscraft. Don't be put off by the website; the products are first class, the prices are extremely reasonable and the creator is one of the nicest men you could hope to meet.

I dread to think how much I've spent on those bottles - and I can't even drink them! 

Over on the other side of the room is the seating area - just waiting for some customers.

Can you imagine how small that corkscrew is? Or those dominoes?

I thought it was important to have lots of pictures on the walls - it feels like that kind of pub. Pictured on the right are Reg and Doris Howsley, my lovely grandparents, on their wedding day. They would have loved this pub - I'm glad I got into miniatures early enough in life to be able to share the hobby with them. 

The picture to the left is what Tim calls 'The Rachel's Return', The Rachel being the ship itself. This little picture inspired the whole pub.

Whoever was playing the piano seems to have left his pint and sandwich

Obviously this is before the smoking ban...

It took a long time to match up the dominoes but they had to be right!

I have a yard of ale, also from Glasscraft, but need to find a way to display it properly. I think it might need a small shelf of its own.

Looks like it must be winter with all the coats hanging up

So what's missing? Customers! I wanted to take some pictures without dolls because I think the room looks more realistic but this is one setting where it would be wrong not to have a few people enjoying the beer and snacks.

The pub is filling up

This is Reg, the barman (named after my Grandpop) from World of my own. They sell a great variety of very well made dolls at very reasonable prices. 

I think he needs to take a cloth to that bar myself.

Over in the corner we have Eadie from Bags of Character who is probably my favourite doll. As the name suggests, she has tons of character and looks just right gripping her purse and a cigarette. I haven't quite decided what her gentleman companion is called yet but I'll keep you posted.

They look like they're settled in for the evening

So that's it - your tour of The Rachel's Return is complete. Reg is ready to ring the bell and wipe down the bar.

Reg wants to clear up now

Looks like Eadie and her companion have moved on. Time to close up for another day.

Farewell, little pub

For those now thinking I'm a bit mad - well, possibly. But I think the vast majority of miniaturists have their dolls' back stories all planned out in their heads, even if they don't choose to share them. Trust me, it's part of the fun.


  1. I've got to say, that's really impressive.
    And does this mean you'll pull me a pint next time I visit?

  2. Wow that is a fantastic miniature pub, so realistic. I have recently done a miniature Edwardian tea room (not as realistic as your pub though). You can see photos on my blog

    1. Thank you - very kind of you to say :-) I can't find the Edwardian tea room on your blog - have I missed it? I see we have the same design though!