Monday, 15 April 2013

A pub in progress (part 4)

Although there haven't been many pub updates lately (or 'pubdates' as a friend of mine calls them), my dad has been busy in his workroom. He's had to overcome quite a few problems on this project but it really is looking amazing now.

The lettering on the frosted windows was quite a challenge

The first issue was the lettering on the frosted windows which smudged as soon as it came off the printer. Luckily, after finding a spray to treat them with they now look just as they should.

The electrics really bring the pub to life

Next up was the electrics. You might think of electric lights in a box room a bit of a luxury but actually you really need them in order to see all the detail. 

A peek inside

Lighting also adds a sense of realism - I can't have my regulars staring into a pint in the dark.

Fortunately for me my dad is a perfectionist. When he asked if I'd like gold edging around the sign I didn't think much of saying yes. A week later and I discovered my parents had been through the entire house to find a roller small enough for the task - it does look great though.

The gold edging was another challenge

The major hold up on this project has been the lettering to complete the sign. Originally ordered from a traditional mail order company around a month ago, this week we gave up all hope of ever seeing a delivery from them and asked for the cheque to be returned. A day later and they'd been found on ebay, ordered and delivered. It's a sad state of affairs but if traditional companies haven't got a decent level of customer service then what have they got?

Anyway, here they are...

The elusive lettering

Not much to look at at the moment but when my dad's finished, I am 100 per cent sure the sign will be a fitting finish to The Rachel's Return. It just might take a bit of imagination looking at them strewn about below.

It's like a word search. Can you spot the pub name?


  1. Oh my gosh, little lights.

    Love it.

    1. Hopefully it will soon be finished and I can show you it all done!