Monday, 25 March 2013

A pub in progress (part 3)

My dad has been very busy with my little pub lately. It's amazing how much love and skill can go into one tiny room box.

The finger plates are now in place (in case you missed the previous post, that's what the metal pieces were lined up next to the pound coin) and are a very pleasing finishing touch on the doors.

Finger plates are now in place

You'll notice the sign is also on the way to completion but the company we've ordered the lettering from has been rather slow in delivering the goods.

Unfortunately for my dad, this has given me time to think about what else I'd like. A friend of mine is also to blame after dropping me a casual email saying 'Your pub needs frosted windows'. It took me about 30 seconds to decide that yes, I simply couldn't have a pub without frosted windows.

A mock up of how the frosted windows might look

A quick email to my dad ("Errr...have you put the windows in yet?") and it wasn't long before he sent back the mock up above. I loved it instantly, especially the 'RR' on the doors which, of course, represents The Rachel's Return.

That was the easy part. Since then there have been several practices, the ordering of window frosting that's printable and a font change - but hopefully we're almost there.

A mock up of the A4 sheet

I did a little research into pub frontages of the 50s - I imagine the pub to be roughly in this era - and decided the words were just right. I hadn't realised that 'snug' is synonymous with the 'smoking room' which was hidden away from the other drinkers.

The smudging is an issue that will hopefully be overcome

As you can see from the image above, there's a slight problem with the ink drying on the sheet but it shouldn't be long now before the lettering arrives, the windows are in and the regulars can settle in their chairs with a pint in hand.

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