Thursday, 1 August 2013

Sorry I've been rubbish...

It turns out it's harder to keep up with this blogging lark than I first thought. I really enjoy it once I get into it but because I spend almost every day at a computer, it's not always what I want to do when I get home.

However, today is a new month and a new outlook. Tim, my husband, does blogging so well over at Heropress - even if he's not in the mood to write he'll post a picture or a film to keep his regular readers happy. He also schedules his posts in advance so if there's a day when he's not up to it, there will still be a post going live.

So, as of today, 1 August 2013, I vow to be more like Tim. I shall be more organised, post more regularly and hopefully it won't be long before I'm back in the swing of things.


  1. It's a funny thing blogging. Sometimes I don't want to be on the computer either. Other times, it's fun. Here's to you finding your blogging groove.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.

    1. Thank you - appreciate that. I suspect the hot weather here hasn't helped. I started off writing in the garden tonight though which was lovely. I only came in because my battery died. Sure I'll get back into it soon!

    2. We have a back deck and I love to take my pen and paper out there to write. I have a laptop, but there's something so fun about hand-written drafts. Do you ever write by hand? Or do you like keyboard the best?

    3. I rarely write by hand these days. I actually prefer the freedom of a keyboard and being able to chop and change words/sentences/paragraphs without it all getting very messy!

  2. I'm not sure our house could cope with TWO people behaving like me ;-)