Friday, 25 November 2016

Time for a new challenge?

I love going to dollshouse fairs but it's not quite the same when your current projects (my house, pub and shop) are almost completed. Window shopping is all very well but if I don't come home clutching a tiny paper bag that cost me a fortune, I don't feel quite the same level of happiness.

With Kensington Dollshouse Festival fast approaching I've been wondering what to put on my shopping list. It's also that time of year when my husband is nagging me for Christmas present ideas and picking up a couple of things at the show has become tradition.

I joined a few dollshouse groups on Facebook recently, partly to nose around other people's houses and partly, I admit, to promote this blog. It's been really inspiring to see what everyone else is making and I've also spotted a lot of bargains in the 'For sale' sections, particularly for beginners.

So what's this got to do with my shopping list? Well something caught my eye in one of the groups that gave me an idea for a new project.

It was love at first sight
Isn't it lovely? You can see the full range from Susi's Miniatures on eBay. So all being well, I'm going to create a 1950s diner which combines my love of vintage and miniatures. I don't know why I haven't thought about it before!

There are two things that are making me slightly hesitant. Firstly, where on earth am I going to put it? I think I can get over this as Tim has the entire third floor of the house for his games room, meaning I should be entitled to a little space elsewhere in the house.

The second issue is much more problematic. Are there many products available that will suit my diner? To date, I haven't really purchased any miniatures that are post 1940s. I'm not pernickety about dates but I like things to look like they belong. I know it's easy to buy traditional miniatures and there are more and more sellers making modern pieces but what about that period in between?

And what kind of room box will I need? So far I've only found Victorian or Edwardian styles which don't really cut it. Obviously if I was talented I'd scratch build it but I want something that looks beautiful, not disastrous. I'm wondering if the option below might be my best bet as the big windows seem more appropriate than anything else I've seen.

Could this be a diner? 

I've also been wondering if I could find a small 'neon' sign. I know they exist for train sets so I suspect it's possible - I just need to find one.

Of course, the best place to look for new items - and to be inspired - is shows. So roll on Kensington, I'm ready!*

* I may not be quite so ready on the day as it's the day after the work Christmas do...

Monday, 21 November 2016

My latest Lego project

I can't tell you much about it yet but I've been playing with Lego again (as if the first time wasn't time consuming enough).

This is the state of our dining room after weeks of waking in the night with a new idea, immediate eBay searches and lots of late night bidding.

It's all for the work Christmas competition so I'll tell you more in December...